Play store atanga application download theilo siam dan

Play store atanga application download theihloh thin hi a chhan hrang hrang a awm ve thei a, engpawhnise a hnuaia tihdan tarlan ang hian ilo ti ve chhin dawn nia. Clear Google Play store and Google play services cache/data

  1. Phone Settings hawng la  Lyrica to buy uk Apps emaw Application Manager ( phone model a zirin a awmna hi a inang vek kherlo) ang.
  2. All apps > Google Play store kha i Force stop dawn nia.
  3. Tichuan Clear cache leh Clear data kha iti ve ve dawn nia, Yes/No tih confirm na tur alo popup chuan Yes tur.
  4. Google play store data leh cache i clear ang chiah hian Google Play Services cache leh data kha i clear veleh bawk dawn nia.
  5. Hetia i tih zawh hunah play store kha hawng la application chu download i tum chhin dawn nia.

goole-play-store goole-play-store


Achunga mi ang hi i tih hnuah pawh ala tha theilo fo anih chuan a dawt leh ami ang hian iti leh chhin dawn nia.

Reinstall Play store updates

  1. A chunga kan tih ang tho in Settings > Apps/Application Manager ah kal leh la
  2. Google play store kha select leh la Uninstall updates tih alo awm chuan i uninstall dawn nia. Ok/Cancel tih alo popup anih pawh in Ok kha i select dawn nia
  3. Adawt lehah chuan Home Screen ah kal la Play store kha han hawng leh la chuan i chhuak leh dawn nia, tihian automatic in play store app kha alo in update leh mai dawn nia.
  4. Tichuan google play store atang chuan appliation dang download i tum leh chhin dawn nia.


Hetia i tih hnu pawh a ila download theilo fo anih chuan, i phone kha switch off/on leh emaw i google account kha remove la i signin tha leh dawn nia. Google account remove dawn chuan Settings>Accounts>Google i ac kha select la chumi zawhah Remove account. Tichuan Signin tha leh mai dawn nia.


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