Google password reset

Ahmasa in he guide hi google account in siam laia phone number dah tel te tan a ni. In dah leh dahloh in hretawhlo anih pawhin en dan a awm tho a ni.

  1. Sign-in ah lutla i google account i type dawn nia chumi zawhah Next i clik ang. Google account hrelo tan he Link ah hian tihdan a awm.

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2. Forgot Password? tih ah hian i click leh dawn nia


3. Tichuan ahnuai ami ang hi alo lang leh ang. I duh chuan i password hriat hrim hrim kha type dawn nia. Type tur mai i hriatloh chuan ahnuai a Try different question ah lut leh la.


4. Ahnuai a picture lan ang hian Send tih hi click la i phone kha i check dawn nia. I phone ah notification ah en la a dawt chiah a picture ang hi alo awm anga Yes tih kha i lo click mai dawn nia. Heta ila ti theilo a nih chuan Try different question hi i click leh anga adawt ami ang hian i chhunzawm dawn nia.



5. Ahnuai picture ang hian i google account i siam lai a i phone number dah ami a tawp lam digit hnih alo lang anga tichuan i phone number chu a box ah khan i type anga chumi zawhah Send text message i click leh ang.



6. I phone a i code dawn kha box chhungah hian i enter leh anga tichuan Next i click ang.


7.  A tawp berah chuan ahnuai ami ang hi alo lang anga i Password thar enter na tur. Tichuan i password thar chu box pahnih ah hian i enter ve ve anga go to link change password i click dawn nia.


GoodLuck !!!





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